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Aleksey Dyakov

Aleksey came to the USA in the 1990s, bringing the traits of strong mental and intuitive abilities, as well as traditions of Russian schools of mysticism along with him. Looking for the answers to his own issues, going through many healers and trying out a lot of different modalities, he gathered extensive experiential knowledge and understanding of which modality can be used to heal certain issues.

He further developed his intuitive and healing gifts by taking a variety of courses and programs where he learned different modalities, including three years of a special healers training program at the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine.

He has the natural ability to heal with his healing hands, to connect the dots, and to use his intuition to see the reasons behind your issues and life challenges, as well as the skills for putting all pieces of the life puzzle together!

By unifying all of those abilities, gifts and skills with experience and extensive knowledge, Aleksey can help you heal your physical pain, eliminate stress from your life, and guide you to change. He will help you acquire a healthy attitude toward life, and experience the pleasure of Living.



Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Swedish


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