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We are a group of collaborative Energy Medicine practitioners, Intuitives and other holistic professionals with an expertise in assisting people in eliminating pain and struggle. We help you create a more balanced, successful and happier life!

When you come to us with pain, we give you a clear picture of what is going on in your body and why. When you come with a challenge, we identify the original cause of the presented issue, help you eliminate painful symptoms, and give you practical steps to avoid pain in the future.

Each chronic condition has a root within your body and mind, with its origin in the past or in the present. Nothing is more rewarding to us than to witness each client’s amazing transformation and be a part of your life changing success! Give us an hour of your time and we will give you our passion, insight and healing.​

We can help you with:

  • Re-patterning Process
    Tracking, identifying and changing mental, emotional, behavioral patterns causing you to feel stuck in life.

  • Root Cause Identification
    Uncovering, identifying and removing the underlying causes of the body imbalances.

  • Symptoms Analysis
    Connecting seemingly unrelated symptoms together into one puzzle and decoding messages of these symptoms. Finding and helping you understand the reasons and meaning behind your sickness, conditions or long-term patterns keeping you away from balance and harmony in your life.

  • Pain Relief and Stress Relief
    Identifying how stress affects your tissues, organs, systems and body parts. Eliminating physical and emotional pain stored in the tissues of the body as well as its underlying causes.

  • Facilitating personal transformation and guiding you through the changes
    See your life story from the conception to the present moment and how challenges you are currently experiencing have developed. Understand and use your life lessons, challenges, and experiences as inspiration to move forward in life.


  • Removing underlying causes of your body’s imbalances creates a healing space within the body to heal itself

  • As a result, symptoms disappear to allow living pain free and may even help to avoid unnecessary surgery

  • Clients can use their increased energy to create the life of their dreams, a life of infinite possibilities

  • Safe, pain-free, rather enjoyable and relaxing process

  • Immediate pain and stress relief

  • Immediate sense of deep relaxation, inner peace and balance

  • Connecting to your Heart

  • Learning about yourself, your life lessons and interconnection between your body, mind and spirit

  • Discovering and connecting the pieces of your Life Puzzle together

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