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Recently Irina was recommended to me by a good friend and I consider myself blessed to have received energy healings from her. She was compassionate and intuitive as she inquired about how I was doing at the beginning of each session and then she targeted the session to exactly what I needed. Sometimes I left simply with an overall sense of well-being, but other times I felt my energy shift and inspiration and enthusiasm would rise up in me. Always I felt held in Irina’s loving intention. Working with Irina helped me through a very difficult time. I am forever grateful

Donna McGurk

As a United States Olympian in the sport of fencing, national and world champion as well as the former World #1, my physical and mental health are instrumental to my success as an athlete. Because of this, I come to get massages from Aleksey on a consistent basis, as he is the best I have ever worked with. Not only are his hands exceptional, making my sore and aching body and muscles feel better, more relaxed and in less pain every time I leave, but the relaxing music he plays let's me stay relaxed in an environment that is perfect for mental and physical recovery. Aleksey is exceptional at what he does, and I wouldn't go anywhere else to recover from my grueling training regiment of 10-14 workouts a week.

Eli Dershwitz

I have been seeing Irina at Infinite Possibilities for a mix of counseling and reiki for the past few months, and it has made an incredible difference in my life. After months of insomnia and negative thought patterns, Irina's guidance and techniques have helped me be able to sleep longer and better, focus on the positive, and be more present in every part of my life. Everyone around me has noticed a positive change in me that they've described as "more centered", ""happier from the inside out", and "more like her old self again". For this, I am eternally grateful to Irina, and I have confidence that I will be able to face any situation with more strength and energy in the future. Her intuition, warmth, and genuine nature make Irina  extremely easy to talk to and open up to. I learn something new in every session, and continue to grow and become more self-reflective. I highly recommend Infinite Possibilities to anyone and everyone looking to make a positive change in their lives!

Joanna B.

Irina and Aleksey were able to release emotional tension that had been blocked for a long time. Not knowing what to expect, I felt like I was somehow sent to the right place. They were easy to communicate with and I felt very comfortable. After the sessions I left feeling amazing and more relaxed. I have also been able to sleep without Melatonin which I have had to use for years. It has been life changing.

Debby F

My reasons are primarily relaxation. When I need to relax I know that I can go to Aleksey's table to retreat and reboot. Hank. 

Aleksey has the rare ability of a massage therapist to be both strong and relaxing with his hands. When I need to relax, I know that I can go to Aleksey’s table to retreat and reboot. He brings a smooth and calming energy to his massage. When I need deeper pressure, he has the ability to increase the intensity in a therapeutic way. He always does a great job listening to my request and not just going through a pre-planned rub down like so many other therapists.

Hank DeGroat

“I have been a customer of Alexsey for quite a few years. He has always been one step above the rest. Always quick to resolve any pain issues I may have. Easy to deal with and has a clear understanding of my needs! I would highly recommend the use of his services.”

Paul W Apholt

“I have been seeing Aleksey Dyakov for massage therapy on a weekly basis now for nearly 20 years, both for general relaxation and for episodic back spasm issues. I can say without a moment hesitation that he is, far and away, the best massage therapist I have ever encountered, (throughout my life I have probably gone to around 30-40 various therapists of varying disciplines.)
In addition to being a highly skilled massage therapist, attentive to specific needs and requests, Aleksey also puts an enormous amount of energy, effort and love into his treatments. Far from watching the clock, and stopping the moment the scheduled time ends, he will often go over in order to finish the treatment that he feels is needed for the client to feel better.
Over the course of my relationship with Aleksey, I have never hesitated to recommend him to my friends, and to family members seeking massage therapy. Most of them continue to use his services, and have for many years.
Suffice it to say, he is a true Gem!”

Matt Burns

As a former pro athlete and an active person, I’ve been receiving massages for over 20 years, and I’m very particular in choosing my massage therapist. I have known Aleksey for over 5 years now, and I have to say he is by far the best and most thoughtful massage therapist I have ever had. Aleksey takes pride in customizing massage based on my needs and not only provides solutions to my physical problems, but also focuses on being there for me to ensure I am emotionally doing good. He truly cares about his clients physical and emotional wellbeing and is willing to help in any way he can. He is one of that people that really care about helping others. There have been numerous times when I asked for a last-minute massage due to an injury and Aleksey went out of his way to fit me into his busy schedule. Through my sessions with Aleksey, I’ve come to trust in not only the healing power of a good massage, but also the healing power of someone that genuinely cares about my wellbeing.

Michelle M

Very welcoming and inviting space! Working with Irina, really helped me find some of the root causes of my blocks, and worked on them. She gave me great tools to tap into my subconscious and to control it instead of my subconscious controlling me. She is very relatable, understanding and supportive. I highly recommend one on one sessions, as well as workshops. Open yourself for Infinite possibilities. Learn some tools to heal and rediscover yourself. We all deserve it!!!

Inna Davidson

“I first met Aleksey 8 years ago when I was recovering from knee surgery and I consider myself utterly fortunate to have done so. He has amazing hands, able to discern exactly where my body needs work, and his quality and consistency is extraordinary, whether working the head and the neck, the back or my legs. I love massage therapy and having traveled pretty well all over the world have been able to access a range of high quality massages but Aleksey beats the lot! And on top of being an outstanding technician, he is always friendly, professional and reliable. I can’t speak highly enough of him, and strongly recommend his services.”

Michael Shanahan

Working with Irina really helped me to find some of the root causes of my blocks… to tap in… and to control it


“Aleksey is the most gifted massage therapist I have ever met. He has a uniquely intuitive ability to identify problem areas and customize solutions that bring immediate and lasting relief. I have been seeing Aleksey for over a decade. He has taken me from a place of chronic pain to one that is pain-free. Regular visits with Aleksey keep me in balance. Aleksey has made and continues to make an incredible difference in my life!”

Neal L.

I can’t thank you enough Irina and Aleksey. Working with both of you has changed my life. I got the new job I’ve wanted, I feel better and my marriage has never been more satisfying. Can’t wait for our next appointment.

Allison L

Have you ever received a great massage in your travels and then regretted that the massage therapist didn’t live closer to you?   That’s my experience with Aleksey; he gives a most wonderful massage, both thorough and therapeutic!    Fortunately for me, I travel to the Boston area occasionally and can take advantage of his treatments.  But, in this sense, I do envy you ‘locals’!

Jeff Siskind

Irina and Aleksey are miracle workers. I had never tried energy healing before and was somewhat skeptical of it. After working with them my life has completely transformed and I can’t thank them enough.

Rachel H

I first went to Aleksey because i had had double knee replacement surgery and massage was intensively relieving of my leg pain. But after a while, i found a much broader, deeper need was met by his magical hands: either specifically ( eg the right hip that was prone to chronic bursitis; the shoulder that at times i couldn't rotate because of a bone spur) or generally, when i felt tense and stiff all over. His hand strength and precision, and inspiring optimism that nothing cannot be fixed if you set yourself to it, combined to make calling him a journey in faith and confidence that, when he gets here, he will find whatever most needs working on and i will be so much the better for it. My only complaint? That he has set a standard that makes going to any other therapist, anywhere I find myself in the world, an inevitable disappointment!

Michael Shanahan

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