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VIvian Howell

Vivian Howell LMT is an Integrative Medicine Practitioner with over 20 years of experience providing therapeutic bodywork, and holding a variety classes at Stamford Hospital, Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, and yoga centers in CT.


Her personal practice of meditation has been ongoing for over 35 years, has led her to the work she is doing. In her bodywork practice uses Shiatsu techniques to deeply listen to the body, allowing the release of chronic tension, restoring the state of balance and wellbeing that is our natural state of being. Gentle stretching along meridian pathways, and pressure points provide maximum relaxation with long-term effects.


Bodywork sessions are done wearing loose comfortable clothing. Available on Wednesday afternoons in Sudbury MA. Call or text 203-912-7300 for an appointment, or for more information.


Meditation & bodywork sessions

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